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    What to expect

Sessions are generally 90 minutes in length and are held over the phone in the comfort of your home, or any place that is quiet and free of interuption. (Please take a quick look at our session options, in the "Session Pricing" button above.)
Phone sessions sometimes will run longer than 90 minutes (usually the first session. at no additional charge.) I recommend refraining from drinking alcohol 24 hrs before the session as well as 48 hrs after the session to get the full benefit of the work we will be doing together.
Our session will begin the moment you answer my phone call, at our designated appointment time. Although it may seem like the work being performed is being done by me, it is not. The energetic work is done by my guides. ("Guides" are a group of protective spirit entities of a higher frequency that work in the physical as well as non-physical planes of consciousness. We all have guides. They guide and protect us through each lifetime showing us the way quietly from behind the scenes, helping us honor the agreements we made before coming into this current lifetime with the deepest love as their only intent.) As we begin a conversation about what may be happening in the story of your life currently, the information and guidance will begin to come through, sometimes at a very very quick pace, pen and paper handy will also be very useful to get the most from our session. Their conversation and suggestion is directed to a deeper aspect of our being, and you may experience different feelings of energy flowing through your body during our conversation. you may start crying, yawning or feeling very sleepy or tired.
So a nice comfortable sitting position,  as well as being well hydrated, is advised. While using earbuds or any other handsfree accessory of your choice is useful, No speaker phone please. During our session my guides may pinpoint certain practices of your daily life and will ask you to take a deeper look at their place, and their purpose. My guides may suggest different daily practices that you may engage with instead, through the highest inent of love and caring for your physical and spiritual being. You will get the most from our session and this work by participating with this work daily. A daily wellness plan may be recommended based on what has come up in our session together.  Personalized Wellness Plans are based in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, as well as other Yogic perspectives and traditions.Wellness Plans are usually simple energy exercises that will help clear and balance the  "emotional centers" (Chakras) associated with the issues you may be having. (Skype demonstrations are supplied upon request) It is important if a wellness plan is suggested that you do your best to participate with it daily to get the most out of our session together, as well as to create a solid foundation for real shifts to occur. If you have any follow up questions from our session, I ask that you to text me so we can answer any questions, and give you the greatest love and support during this time of transformation. A follow up session may be scheduled as well to continue the work in any certain area in need of attention.  It is my greatest joy to be here for you and to serve your highest self through this work with my guides. It is a great honor to serve you and if you have any other questions at all, simply email me through the contact link and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Other in-person session options are available as well,simply contact me so we may discuss what would be best for you, and your schedule.